Timber Flooring

What type of flooring should I choose?

The following information will be useful to helping to decide what type of timber flooring suits your needs.

Solid Timber Flooring

  • solid timber through the full depth of the board
  • can be fixed to concrete, joists or battens
  • available in various widths, lengths, grades and thicknesses
  • can be coated on site with a variety of finishes
  • can be refinished many times
  • slightly more affected by variations in atmospheric conditions

Engineered Board

  • composed of several layers with a solid timber veneer
  • can be laid as a floating floor, unfixed, or stuck down to a subfloor
  • for joists and batten construction a plywood base or a thicker board is required
  • supplied pre-finished with no on-site coating required
  • various widths, lengths, grades and thicknesses
  • more economical per m² depending upon product type and species
  • more stable than solid under most circumstances

The choice between a solid hardwood or an engineered floor can be influenced by many factors.  Rest assured though, you will receive the best advice from the team at efp to enable you to select the most suitable flooring for your individual needs. Please come to our showroom, look at some samples and discuss your project with us.